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Why Multi-Start Flexures are Important

Why Multi-Start Flexures are Important

Multi-start Flexures provides many benefits to applications. One significant advantage when using a multi-start configuration (normally Double or Triple Start) of the HELI-CAL Machined Spring® is the prevention of the tipping or side loads during compression or extension which is caused by the unresolved moments of single-start springs. An additional benefit of the multi-start coil configuration is it provides a level of system redundancy because more than one coil is transmitting the load.

For flexible couplings a benefit of the multi-start Flexure is higher torsional stiffness and greater torque transmission without an increase in radial loads that a single start Flexure might impose. Check out the video below to learn more about multi-start Flexures and why you should consider a double or triple start flexure when choosing your next coupling or spring.

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