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Reduce Assembly & Production Costs with the Right Attachment

Flexure Attachments That Make Cents

Custom attachments are the key to making a flexible coupling or machined spring perfect in a design engineers application. When overall cost is considered, there can actually be a savings if other factors are evaluated such as:

  • Cost to modify a standard part to make it work.
  • Time & expense of changing other system components to accept a catalog standard coupling.
  • Ordering and maintaining inventory for additional components necessary to allow using catalog standard coupling.

Custom Flexure Components

Custom attachments can take many forms and are normally dictated by the customer's design requirements. The variety of attachments available is limited only by the imagination of the design engineer, and the laws of physics. These custom attachments can be in the form of the mating features or method of fixation to the customer's component. Helical specializes in tailoring a flexible solution for thousands of applications. The purpose in seeking a customized attachment is to minimize the cost, optimize performance, simplify design, reduce system size or reduce weight.

By using the Heli-Cal Flexure along with an attachment, the engineers are allowed to dream in their system design. Most designers view a special or modified standard with a cost being too great. In actuality, customized attachments more than pay for themselves. The proper attachment will minimize assembly-production time and reduce the total number of parts to purchase, to maintain in inventory, and to assemble. All of this produces an overall production savings.

Examples of mating features include:

  • Keyway in round bore
  • D or Double D bore
  • Hex bore
  • Spline
  • Tapered bores

Examples of fixation:

  • Integral Clamp
  • Set screw(s)
  • Flange
  • Removable Cap on clamp for drop-in installation
  • Bolt circle
  • Tangs, slots, etc.

Contact one of Helical's helpful Application Engineers and explore how a custom attachment may solve many of your design challenges, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Order Your Custom Coupling

Custom blind attachment
A custom blind attachment designed to transmit torque in a single direction.
Integrated lever arm
Integrating a lever arm into a clamp attachment flexure allowed linear motion to be converted to rotary motion.
Threaded shaft attachment
A threaded shaft attachment offers several advantages. Fine axial length adjustment and blind assembly are just two potential uses.
Detachable caps
Detachable caps permit flexure installation where components cannot be spread apart to slide the flexure onto component shafts.

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