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MC Series

Motor Coupling

MC Series Flexible CouplingsThis versatile series of couplings provides you with a full range of torque capacities and bore sizes, all with 1/32-inch parallel misalignment capability. These couplings attach to shafts with your choice of integral clamps or set screws. Combine this with optional keyways and the MC Series is tailor-made for your application. From medium-duty (aluminum) to heavy-duty, (stainless steel), this series provides solutions for a wide range of applications. From pumps and lead screws to conveyors, chances are an MC Series coupling/coupler will fit your needs. Configure MC Series Couplings


  • Industrial motor shaft couplings
  • Large parallel misalignment capacity
  • High torque capacity
  • Large shaft diameters
  • Keyways available
Relief * Major and minor diameter shafts may enter flexure area during operation Diameter shaft diagram * Dark areas indicate relief within the coupling interior


Good for encoder/resolver applications, moderate torque pump, lead screw, and various other applications. Also for pump, conveyor systems, and industrial processing equipment, where absolute reliability is required. Anywhere a rugged, tough, long-lasting coupling is needed.


Available in 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy or 17-4 PH Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES).


Integral Clamp or Set Screw (2 at 120°), Keyways Optional

Misalignment Compensation

  • 5° angular
  • .030 inch parallel offset
  • .010 inch axial motion

Technical Data

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