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H Series

Stainless Steel

H Series Stainless steel couplingsThe H Series coupling/coupler is ideal when high strength, excellent fatigue resistance and high torsional stiffness is called for in your application. The H Series' premium performance capability is designed for applications requiring a heavy-duty coupling, such as drive systems, small pumps and gear boxes. An array of options, in a variety of diameter sizes, allows you to tailor the H Series to your specific applications. H Series options include set screw or integral clamp attachments and inch or metric bores. Configure H Series Couplings


  • High torque capacity
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Corrosion resistant steel (CRES)
Relief * Major and minor diameter shafts may enter flexure area during operation Diameter shaft diagram * Dark areas indicate relief within the coupling interior


For situations requiring a heavy duty coupling, for pump, lead screws, and positioning systems. Also for process equipment in industrial situations. Anywhere a rugged, tough, long-lasting coupling is needed.


Available in Stainless Steel 17-4PH


Integral Clamp or Set Screw (2 at 120°)

Misalignment Compensation

  • 5° angular
  • .010 inch parallel offset
  • .010 inch axial motion

Technical Data

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