DS Series

Double Start

DS Series Beam CouplingThe DS Series was designed for today's high performance motion control systems. This Series incorporates two helical beams (double start) in each of two separate HELI-CAL Flexures (double flexure), combining greater end-to-end rotational accuracy with radial flexibility in one design. Available only with integral clamp attachments, the DS series provides the high torsional stiffness and low inertia necessary for positioning devices, servo motors and lead screws. The DS Series also provides you with substantial .010-inch parallel offset capability, reducing the need for high-precision alignment during assembly operations. It's your ticket to greater system accuracy and reliability. Configure DS Series Couplings


  • High torsional stiffness
  • Low radial loads
  • Parallel misalignment capability
  • Low inertia
Relief * Major and minor diameter shafts may enter flexure area during operation Diameter shaft diagram * Dark areas indicate relief within the coupling interior


For high speed motion control systems, where fast response time is important. E.g., lead and ball screws, encoders/ resolvers, and anywhere high torsional stiffness is required.


Available only in 7075-T6 aluminum.


Integral Clamp

Misalignment Compensation

  • 3° angular
  • .010 inch parallel offset
  • .008 inch axial motion

Technical Data