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Make Your Part Flexible

Sometimes an application can benefit from a little flexibility. However, the flexibility may be needed at a post-design stage, which can lead to major changes of the original design. Perhaps the actual machined parts/blanks have been produced and the design is committed. Alternatively, if the customer has machining capability, it might become more cost effective for them to produce the blank in certain applications.

In this case, we can help by actually generating the HELI-CAL Flexure into your part!

Find out if this approach will yield greater value and versatility for your design by contacting one of our Application Engineers to discuss your specific needs. Whether you need the HELI-CAL Flexure to provide a particular amount of torque and misalignment capability or you are needing to have a specific spring rate (compression/extension, torsion, etc.), we can provide you the Engineered Elasticity.

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