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Product Information

Part Description: WA20-6mm-6mm

Attachment Method: Set Screw

Material Information

Finish: Clear Anodize

Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy

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Dimensional Information

Outside Diameter: 20mm

Length: 20mm

Standard Bore Diameters

Major Bore Diameter: 6mm

Minor Bore Diameter: 6mm

Attachment Data

A1 Type: Set Screw

A1 Screw Material: Alloy Steel

A1 Screw Size: M3x.5

A1 Seating Torque (numeric): 1.0Nm

A1 Hex Wrench Size: 1.5mm

A1 Center Line (Metric): 2.5mm

A2 Type: Set Screw

A2 Screw Material: Alloy Steel

A2 Screw Size: M3x.5

A2 Seating Torque (numeric): 1.0Nm

A2 Hex Wrench: 1.5mm

A2 Center Line (Metric): 2.5mm


Momentary Dynamic: 1.1 Nm

Non-Reversing: 0.55Nm

Reversing: 0.28Nm

Rated Speed: 10000 RPM


Angular Misalignment: 5 deg

Parallel Misalignment: .25mm

Axial Motion: 0.25mm

Additional Specifications

Torsional Rate (deg/Nm): 4.5 degree/Nm

Maximum Operating Temperature: 93C

  1. Dynamic torque ratings are momentary values. For non-reversing applications, divide by 2. Divide by 4 for reversing applications. Should the torque ratings be marginal for your application, contact us for analysis.
  2. Manufacturing dimensional tolerances unless otherwise specified are:
    Inch: Metric:
    fraction +1/64 x + .5 mm
    x.xx +.010 x.x + .25 mm
  3. Inertia is based on smallest standard bore diameter.
  4. Keyways available in MC Series and W Series with 40 & 50mm OD


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