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In-House Engineering Support

Why is in-house engineering support so important right now?

Engineered in-house Flexible coupling with multiple tooth sensor actuator and index keyDesign World Online recently interviewed Helical Products on our in-house engineering and what changes we are making to continue to lead the industry and keep up with increasing demands.

In- house engineering and support is a part of the business model for every coupling manufacturer that wants to remain competitive. Why the increased need over the last few years? We asked Helical Products Co. to help get us up to speed.

“We have found that more and more designs are pushing the limits of material capability. In response, we have upgraded our analysis capability to meet the increased demand and improve our first pass results.

One element of our design process is to learn as much about our customer’s application as possible in an effort to help them get the best solution that we have to offer. Many times this view from outside the box yields benefits for all of us,” said Yamil Guerra, Helical Products domestic representative from Design Components, Inc.

Guerra continues and explains a project in Helical’s recent past that demonstrates the value of the company’s prototype capabilities.

“In 2016 Helical introduced a dedicated prototype cell at our plant in Santa Maria, CA. which is used in its entirety for small-batch prototype runs for our customers to rapidly test their new concepts. It has considerably reduced lead times on prototypes giving our customers the R&D advantage to quickly bring their concepts to market.
Helical offers engineering consultations free-of-charge both at the customer’s site through our international Representative network, and in-house through our Applications Engineering department.”

Find the Helical representative in your area here for an in house demonstration of the capabilities of the Helical Flexure.

Need a part fast?  Contact us and one of our applications engineers will begin working on your custom design.

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