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Flexible Coupling Solutions Webinar

Free Webinar:  “Flexible Coupling Solutions for OEM Applications”

Helical Products Company is partnering with NASA Tech Briefs on March 23rd, 2017 to present a free webinar, “Flexible Coupling Solutions for OEM Applications.”  Attend this informative webinar to gain insights into specifying a flexible coupling.

Flexible Coupling Solutions

Designing and manufacturing a custom coupling for OEM applications provides savings by optimizing the size and targeting environmental conditions that would not be met by off-the-shelf products. The incorporation of special attachment features will reduce the time and expense of design, purchase and inventory of multiple parts. In this Webinar, gain insights into specifying a flexible coupling for your application that offers the best combination of value and performance. Attendees will see examples of solutions provided for real world applications that leveraged the engineering support and technical skill of Helical Products.

Helical’s Domestic Sales Manager, Tom Puerling, will be presenting this webinar.  Tom has spent the last 19 years at Helical Products Company training and educating their group of manufacturers’ representatives and customers about the versatility of the Helical Flexure.  Graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Tom majored in mathematical sciences and brings his years of practical experience to his presentation.

Register here for this webinar to attend live or receive the archived link that can be viewed at any time.



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