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Helical Products Company, Inc., has in-house applications engineers to assist in your selection of a coupling/coupler, design of a custom coupling, or supplying a sample coupling for testing in your application. You are invited to take advantage of Helical's design and application engineering expertise. Not only can the flexible sections of Helical couplings and U-Joints be altered to accommodate various torques and misalignments, but an infinite number of attachment designs are also available. The net result is often a reduction in total number of parts and lower system costs. A consultation with our Helical factory engineers is at "no charge." We urge you to use this service or call the Helical representative near you.
  • Product Descriptions
    • From Rotating Flexible Couplings to U-Joints to Machined Springs, you'll find detailed descriptions and specifications for our most popular products utilizing the HELI-CAL Flexure Concept.
  • Basic Product Summary
    • Here's a chart that takes your requirements for a coupling (high torque capacity, high fatigue resistance, light-duty, low maintenance, etc.), and then directs you to a standard series of rotating flexible couplings that best meets your needed characteristics.
  • Custom Couplings
    • In addition to our standard shaft couplings, we can design and manufacture special or custom couplings to meet your requirements that exceed the capabilities of our standard lines. Take a brief look at a few of the Custom couplings we have created for customers, create your own, or browse our Flexure Facts - an online directory of 80 "Solved Application Stories" ranging from space exploration to Indy Car racing to robotic applications.
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