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Design simplicity in the coupling industry

Is there an increasing demand for design simplicity in the coupling industry?

Greater value for the coupling industry for one piece solutions

Design World Magazine recently worked with Yamil Guerra, Helical Products domestic representative from Design Components, Inc. for his take on the coupling industry in 2017. Specifically, they wanted to know if he’s seeing an increased demand for design simplicity or turnkey operation. Here is what he had to say.

“Helical’s capability to incorporate what’s at either side of a coupling into a one-piece design gives engineers the possibility to introduce greater efficiencies to any system while decreasing parts-count and inventory. There’s been a steady demand increase in the past couple of years for products that offer simpler designs and greater efficiencies across industries.

We have always considered tight integration with customer designs as our competitive advantage in the marketplace, so we perhaps have a more narrow view. But we have had an increase in the number of applications that start with a high level of integration, so either we are doing a better job of getting the word out, or more people are seeing the value of greater integration or both.

Because of the nature of our product, to respond to greater demands in integration (simplicity), we have had to focus on faster turnaround in both design, and product delivery, particularly prototypes.”



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