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Quality – AS9100

In 2005 Helical Products Company made the decision to become certified to ISO9001 and the more stringent AS9100 quality assurance standards. The AS9100 certification is a globally recognized aerospace–sector standard that defines the quality–system requirements for suppliers in the aerospace industry. AS9100 is based on ISO 9001 with approximately 80 additional requirements plus other qualifications and 18 amplifications.

Most companies adopt the AS9100 Aerospace Quality Standard because they are required to do so by one or more of their customers. We had no such requirement. Helical chose to adopt AS9100 because we knew it would make us a better company.

Today Helical uses its engineering and manufacturing expertise, as well as ISO9001/AS9100 certification, to provide critical parts to industries such as aerospace, aviation, medical and more. As a global supplier of parts requiring Engineered Elasticity, Helical is frequently acknowledge by its customers for a high-quality product which is delivered on-time and backed by outstanding service.

Our Quality Policy:

Helical Products’ objective is to consistently satisfy our customers’ requirements with quality products and excellent service. We are committed to improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and our ability to deliver quality products in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, and provide value to our customers.

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