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The Helical Story


The HELI-CAL® Flexible (Beam) Coupling was conceived in 1958 when George Sabadash developed the concept and method of producing the HELI-CAL Flexure as a single piece flexible coupling/coupler. After receiving a strong response from a news release, George realized he had created a useful and needed product. Ivan Moore, Charlie Romero and Charles Merrell joined with George to build a company to manufacture and market this new and unique product.


Helical began as a basement operation with courage and determination. Incorporation came in 1961, and the company moved from a basement to a garage later that year. Larger facilities were opened in 1963 in Redondo Beach, California. In 1973 Helical moved to its present location in Santa Maria, California to keep pace with continued growth. The manufacturing plant was expanded (tripled in size) in 1983. Our latest expansion was completed in 2005 with another doubling of our manufacturing space. The versatility and capabilities of the HELI-CAL Flexure has helped HELI-CAL Flexible Products become well accepted in the worldwide marketplace and enabled Helical Products Company to grow and prosper.

In February 2015 Helical was acquired by MW-Industries, joining a family of spring and component part manufacturers with resources to help expand the capabilities of Helical Products in the world-wide marketplace.


Innovation & Service

Helical Products Company has a unique product for controlling mechanical movement in the HELI-CAL Flexure Concept. Equally unique and important is the high level of service we at Helical provide to our customers. Together this is our competitive advantage.

Spokes of a Wheel

When speaking of service we talk of all areas needed to supply the HELI-CAL Flexure to the customer. Putting it in perspective, we like to relate our philosophy to the spokes of a wheel. Each of the spokes represents a unit of our organization - drafting, engineering, finance, administration, shipping, sales, production, manufacturing and marketing. Each in its turn bears the weight of responsibility - and opportunity - to provide and maintain this high level of service to the CUSTOMER - the hub of our wheel.

Passing this commitment on to the next "spoke" requires good, clear communication and cooperation between departments, with the full realization that our focus is always on the customer and their needs. Each department, and, of course, each individual is important at Helical. With this philosophy we are able to supply an excellent product as well as provide outstanding service at a fair price.

Our commitment has been to build an organization through innovation, hard work, fairness, cooperation and mutual trust for each other's roles; to act with courtesy, dependability, reliability, and honesty toward the customer.

Helical does what it says - with pride in its product, its service, and its people.

Quality Policy

Helical Products’ objective is to consistently satisfy our customers’ requirements with quality products and excellent service.

Our focus and direction are driven by Quality Objectives of shipping to our customers on-time, yielding conforming products on the first pass and having no product returns.

Only through our commitment to the continual improvement of these objectives and the Quality Management System can we ensure our ability to deliver quality products in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, and provide value to our customers.
Helical Products Co.

Mission Statement

Provide customers around the world with unique design solutions emphasizing the HELI-CAL Flexure to enable flexibility and energy storage in mechanical components, while building a thriving organization that offers opportunity and growth for our employees.


Our latest job opportunities are available here or to be considered a candidate, please submit your resume, via e-mail in Adobe PDF format, via US mail, or by fax.

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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